Michael Card and Friends

We are doing something a little different this week. My friend Michael Card has been a guest many times on FIRST PERSON over the past 9 years since we started in 2010. Well, for even longer than that Michael has had a program called IN THE STUDIO featuring his music, his Bible teaching, and rich conversations with guests which I have co-hosted with him. Recently we have started producing new IN THE STUDIO programs and releasing them online as a podcast.

So, this week I have borrowed two conversations from IN THE STUDIO and made them a part of FIRST PERSON. You’ll hear author and speaker Ken Boa talk with Mike and me about astronomy– and you’ll hear Mary Frances Bowley describe her ministry of rescuing young women from sex trafficking. This will give you a brief introduction to Michael’s podcast. Then you can subscribe to IN THE STUDIO and join us each week for a new or classic episode.

For more, please visit MichaelCard.com— a brand new website design. There you can listen to IN THE STUDIO, and learn how to subscribe, free of charge.

NEXT WEEK: ¬†Andy King of Peoria’s Dream Center

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