Michael Card – Gospel of Mark

This week on FIRST PERSON we continue a four part series of interviews with singer, songwriter, and Bible teacher Michael Card who will explore each of the four Gospels. Every couple of months during this year, we will focus on one of the writers– first, Matthew, then Mark, Luke, and John. We started with Matthew back in February and you can listen to that program in the archive here. Now, we come to the Gospel of Mark.

As you listen, I hope that the teaching and conversation will help you grow in faith and knowledge of the Word of God. We welcome your comments which you can leave on our Facebook page here.

Michael has written a series of books on each of the Gospels, the Biblical imagination series, published by InterVarsity Press and you can read more about these books here.  There is also more information about Michael and everything he’s involved in today at MichaelCard.com.

Our next conversation with Michael will take place in August when we look into the Gospel of Luke.

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