Sergey Rakhuba

One of the meaningful assignments I have is to serve as a volunteer board member with Mission Eurasia. While our home office is in the U.S., our field ministries is based in Irpin, just outside of Kiev, Ukraine. This office served as a base of operations to all of Eurasia, training and equipping thousands and thousands of young people in evangelism, discipleship, and Christian leadership. Now, this God-provided building has been destroyed in the war. The building was empty at the time, but many neighbors around the building lost their lives.

This week, our FIRST PERSON guest is Sergey Rakhuba, the President of Mission Eurasia. Sergey reacts to the news of the destruction of the ministry building, but goes on to proclaim that it will in no way deter the mission. Currently, Mission Eurasia’s staff is coordinating and distributing thousands of I Care packages of food, medicine, and more. These life-giving packages– along with the Scriptures– are being delivered daily.

Please listen to the conversation with Sergey, and then also, beyond the radio interview, listen for the extended conversation here on the website. Through prayer and giving there is much we can do. To donate to Mission Eurasia, click here.

NEXT WEEK:  International Media Missionary Peter Wooding