Shodankeh Johnson

Shodankeh-Johnson-SmallYou will meet an amazing man this week on FIRST PERSON. I met Shodankeh Johnson when a mutual friend brought him to my office and studio and urged me to listen to his story. After just a few minutes, I knew we needed to start recording so you could hear the stories he was telling me.

Pastor Johnson is from Sierra Leone, an African country still scarred in many ways by a civil war that lasted from 1991 until 2002. You will hear him give account of living during that war when a rebel commander put a pistol to Shodankeh’s head and threaten him because of his faith. That particular story has a wonderful ending and you’ll hear Shodankeh tell it in his own words.

Shodankeh  is deeply committed to his country and the spiritual needs that exist.  He is a leader who has seen a movement launch 3,000 churches in Sierra Leone– each church with an average size of 48 people. Very often what precedes the establishment of a church is a school or other service that meets a community need, paving the way for a church to eventually be planted.

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