Stan Buckley

This week on FIRST PERSON you’ll meet a man who is deeply involved in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of people, both in the country of Haiti as well as the Mississippi Delta region of the U.S.  Stan Buckley started his career as a lawyer, became the pastor of a large church in Mississippi, and then was called of God to begin But God Ministries.

In the fall of 2010, as the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church Jackson, MS, Stan led his church into a mission project in Haiti whereby they would build a sustainable community for those still living in tents as a result of the devastating earthquake that took place in January of 2010. That led to what is today an extensive development ministry that includes medical and dental care, homes, clean water, and many other projects. In addition to meeting physical needs, the goal at But God Ministries is to share the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Next Week:  Ed Bouvier, the Village Woodwright


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