Valerie Bell

If you don’t already know the heart of Valerie Bell, you’ll get to know her this week on FIRST PERSON. After spending many years as an author and speaker, Valerie is now the CEO of Awana Clubs International, the children’s ministry founded by Lance Latham and Art Rorheim at Chicago’s Northside Gospel Center in 1950. Today, Awana serves nearly 50,000 churches and millions of children around the world are reached with the Gospel.

Valerie Bell is an award-winning author and sought-after speaker who shares her spiritual journey with refreshing honesty, gentle humor, and a hunger for God. She has written many magazine articles and published numerous books. Some may recall that for 10 years she was heard regularly on The Chapel of the Air, a nationally-syndicated daily radio broadcast featured on more than 500 outlets across North America.

As you listen, you’ll hear Valerie describe her calling to lead Awana and express her vision for the ministry ahead in reaching even more children with Christ’s love. NOTE: At the time of this interview, Awana’s founder, Art Rohrheim was alive; he’s now with the Lord– and more alive then ever! 

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