Kevin Belmonte

Working in ministry at Moody Bible Institute for the first 30+ years of my radio life, the man D.L. Moody has always fascinated me. There seems to be no end to the stories of his life and accomplishments for the gospel.  Kevin Belmonte‘s biography D.L. MOODY; A Life gives us details of Moody’s life which add to our understanding of this great man, and I am pleased to feature him as our FIRST PERSON guest.

Before talking with Kevin, I read his biography of the multifaceted Moody from cover to cover and  learned many new things about him. Not just the facts, but learning more of the character and outcomes of Moody’s time on earth caused me to feel that I had lost a friend when the book told the story of his death in 1899.  I’m glad that you’ll meet Kevin Belmonte on this week’s program, and I would be happy to hear your comments on our Facebook page,

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